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The Huntingtonian Press is an independent publisher of Christian literature. We aim to publish literature that exalts the doctrines of free and sovereign grace, while emphasising the experience of those doctrines in the lives of men and women.

Latest Publications

  • A Memorial of Maggie Budge

A Memorial of Maggie Budge

By James S. Sinclair|Binding: Booklet| Price: £2.45|

The memory of the just is blessed, and the memory of one such soul, made just by the perfect righteousness of her Saviour—Jesus Christ, is perpetuated in this little booklet. Though she died when aged just 32, she was a deeply taught soul. Her writings thrill with the experimental emphasis of the well-known ministers of the Northern Highlands.

  • A Record of Divine Grace

A Record of Divine Grace

By Joseph Olding|Binding: Booklet| Price: £3.45|

We here have two accounts of the remarkable power of God’s sovereign grace. The principal part of the book relates the experience of Joseph Olding. As a dying man we see his great concern to testify to his brother of “…the solemn reality there is in religion.” This one word, reality, sums up the whole of Joseph Olding’s experience, and is also evident in his letters.

  • A Spirit-taught Shoemaker

A Spirit-taught Shoemaker

By H. Sant (Editor)|Binding: Casebound| Price: £19.95|

Collected together for the first time in this volume are the writings of a London shoemaker and hearer of William Huntington, James Abbott. Though poor outwardly, James Abbott was rich in the things of grace and well taught by the Holy Spirit. This fact is evident in these experimental letters which are full of the best Christ exalting divinity.

  • Life and Sermons of John M'Kenzie

Life and Sermons of John M’Kenzie

By M. J. Hyde (Editor)|Binding: Casebound| Price: £24.95|

With the appearance of this volume the Huntingtonian Press has stood true to its longstanding commitment to publish all of M’Kenzie’s sermons. We do not doubt that in these sermons the spiritual reader will find a real feast of wholesome gospel fare in the rich variety of doctrine, experience and practice which constitutes the best preaching.